The Color Black

The Color Black

Black is a powerful and an authoritative color since it is able to induce some strong emotions. The color is related to something secretive, unknown and hidden, which means that it brings out an impression of mystery. It is one of the most neutral colors since it has no boundaries with other colors.

The color black is linked to strength, power, elegance, aggression, formality, as well as sophistication. In order for other colors to have a variation and depth of hue, black must be present. It is also a prestigious color, which is unique and highly valued in many situations. Above all, the color is overwhelming. There are many areas that this color is used and in most areas, it is highly rated. In fashion, it is among the most valued colors. Take, for example, a guy in a black suit, or even a black car. Most of the security personnel will be dressed in black suits, which indicates sophistication and strength. The delegates and tycoons in the black cars show power. So it is, therefore, a rich color that speaks a lot for itself.

Black In Clothes and Fashion
Some of the top black clothes were introduced in the clothing market back in 1922, this is when the first knee-length shift dresses were introduced. The trend has changed over the years and as of now, more and more black clothes are being made. Black is a rich color in fashion and it is highly valued, even by top designers. Here are some reasons why you might want to choose black as your fashion color;

• It is the designers’ color
This is a color chosen by top designers and most of the fashion experts choose it as one of the richest colors. Christan Dior, a top designer cited that black is a more flexible and friendly color available in the fashion world. Black is a general color used by many top designers and you wouldn’t find a top designer brand that lacks black as one of their top collection. From the dresses, shoes, suits, shirts, to the caps and many more.

• It blends with any color
You can wear black with any color and you will not worry about any color clashing. Black will go with any color. Whether you have a bright top, with a black bottom, it would perfectly match. It will also match with the other dark colors like blue, gray, brown, navy blue and such.

• Forget about the stains
Another special thing about black clothes is that it will swallow that stain. Whatever stain you might be having on your clothes, the color will camouflage it. When you are having your drinks and that red wine spills on your black dress or jacket, that is nothing you should worry about, just wipe it off and you can take care of the cleaning later.

• Goes well with any season
The black clothes will work for any season, whether it is summer, you can have an elegant, black summer dress. Even during the winter, a black dress can do, accompanied with a black coat. Cold or hot, black can play along.
Black will also match with any accessories and it can make a person look more mature.

Black In Home Décor
Other than fashion and clothes, black also works well as a home décor. Black at home as a décor? Yes, that works very well and it is actually very stylish and unique. Here are some of the home ideas that you might use with black;

• Kitchen Countertops
When you want to have a unique and super stylish kitchen, then black countertops will look very elegant. Accompanied with white/gray granite and Carrera marble, you can have black countertops to make the kitchen extra cool. Black makes the kitchen seem cool and compact enough, which works well if you have a large kitchen with less appliances.

• Kitchen Cabinets
Black kitchen cabinets must blend perfectly with the countertops, the walls, the lightings as well as the floors. If you have black kitchen cabinets, you can have the surrounding to be white, just to make the place bold and unique as well. Also, you might want to incorporate bigger windows, to make the kitchen feel fresh and free enough. When choosing the black cabinets, a flat black is a great choice.

• Furniture
If you have some old furniture in the garage, you might want to pull them out and paint them black. This will transform them and they will look better. You can use such furniture in the patio, or even in your home office. Ensure you choose a perfect paint for the furniture.

• Lighting Fixtures
You can also choose the perfect lightings for your room. If you have white walls, you might want to go for the vintage brass chandelier, which has a black color. This can make it super elegant and stylish. So you might want to make your room look stylish with the black fittings.

• Flooring
Other than the walls, the countertops, the cabinets and such, you can choose a perfect black flooring. You can choose a nice black flooring, whether it is wood or tiles. The black flooring will give your floor an elegant look and also, it is quite dramatic. Nevertheless, avoid choosing the extremely dark colors, since they can show dirt easily, especially the glossy black tiles.

In a nutshell, black is a quite a sophisticated color that will not only make you the unique one in a crowd, but it has that rich sense. In fashion, it is one color you wouldn’t want to miss in your wardrobe, thanks to its elegance and an unmatched personality. At home, it is a color that will make your home look overly different from any other. You will rarely find black accessories in many homes, but the special homes will never miss such because black is one color that will always have that superiority.