African-Inspired Patterned Apparel: T-Shirts, Leggings, Hoodies and more

African-Inspired Patterned Apparel: T-Shirts, Leggings, Hoodies and more

For decades, the art of Africa has left a strong impression on the western world, especially in fashion. The diverse and unique approach of many African cultures has enriched the fashion collections of many designers.

African art provides one of the biggest influences in the world of fashion. This is particularly true for cloth prints. Today, the demand for African prints is only growing.

Of course, there is much more depth to these prints than the fact that they look good. Throughout history, people used the colors of these prints in Africa to tell different stories, some about wars, others about the environment, religion, trade etc. The patterns were used to show a message of hope, wealth, faith, warding off bad luck and more.

Yizzam African Patterns Collection continues in the tradition of using African patterns to offer some truly incredible pieces. Here is an overview of the collection and some of its essential highlights.

The Pieces

A majority of the pieces in the collection are African pattern t-shirts. All come with an o-neck design and can be paired with a hoodie. They offer a range of long-sleeved versions of the shirts as well.

The collection is not complete without African pattern leggings that look truly stunning, adorned with their rich colors and patterns. Anyone interested in African patterns will get a good quality product from this collection.

The Colors

The first thing that must be noticed about the collection is its pallet of colors. They are mostly focused on the brick-red and yellow tones, all of which seem to be mimicking the earth found on the continent, along with its endless savannahs.

For most, the same mix of plant colors (the yellow and purple) and those belonging to the soil (rich rusty red or light brown) provides a strong blend, some more intense than the others, but all of them very impactful.

The Stunning African Patterns

Without a doubt, the biggest appeal of the collection are the patterns. Interestingly, these seem to work spectacularly well with any type of garment. That is why African pattern t-shirt looks just as good as the African print leggings. All of them simply work incredibly well with each other.

The patterns must be seen to be truly appreciated. Some pieces carry very small print elements that come together like optical illusions. Others feature bigger shapes or even patterns that mimic labyrinths. But, like it was mentioned, the cloth used and its print signifies many elements of the traditional life.  These range from marriage quilts and rain clothes but go all the way to old patterns belonging to particular tribes.

Anyone who appreciates the African culture has to see the Yizzam African Patterns Collection.